Can I use another warehousing and fulfillment service?

If you require additional products that Slaite does not currently offer, you can use an additional warehousing and fulfillment service for your online store. Most e-commerce sites allow multiple shipping profiles, meaning you can use various fulfillment services for your online store. We always welcome Creator feedback to help us expand our product line and services.

What is drop-shipping?

Drop-shipping is where a business will use a retail fulfillment method and not keep any products in stock. When an order is placed, a third-party company will ship the product directly to the customer. The store owner will not need to purchase any stock or inventory and only purchases inventory for completed customer transactions. In short: you focus on creating and profiting and we take care of the logistics!

What are fulfillment services?

A fulfillment service acts as a third-party warehouse that prepares and ships your customer’s orders on behalf of your business. Slaite fulfillment services are your remote right-hand warehousing, inventory and fulfillment services to take the stress of logistics off your plate. Often, fulfillment services charge in addition to the products by the hour, month or by storage. What makes Slaite different is we do not have any hidden fees. We create your customer’s orders on-demand and ship as soon as the products are ready.