What is Slaite?

Slaite is a new Canadian print-on-demand API integration with e-commerce platforms with the sole purpose of helping creative minds reach their goals. Currently, Slaite is only available through Shopify but we are working on more integrations to come!

What do we do?

Slaite allows our Creators to design and sell custom apparel and products online under their own branding and e-commerce store. The process is truly customizable: Creators can upload logos, images or digitized versions of designs and place their branding on the curated products. The decoration type is up to the Creator: digital printing or embroidered.

Once the Creator publishes their customized collection to their online store, customers can begin to purchase their products. Any orders placed through the Creator’s website are fulfilled at the Slaite warehouse in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Once the product is fulfilled, Slaite drop-ships the order directly to the customer. The Creator doesn’t have to worry about product sourcing, printing, embroidery, packaging or shipping. We take care of it.

Our Commitment

We work tirelessly to bring new features and service updates for our Creators. We want to grow with you as your Canadian creative right hand. We love hearing your feedback so feel free to send us your thoughts by emailing help@slaitepod.com. We’re listening.