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Does Slaite offer custom labeling service? What if the product becomes damaged in transit? How do I connect and sync Slaite with my Shopify store? Can I import my Shopify store products to Slaite? Is Shopify notified when Slaite ships an order? How many products can I add to my Shopify store? Where can I find my Slaite sales stats? Does Slaite charge tax? What areas of the product can I edit? What kind of ink does Slaite use? What is the difference in quality between 150 and 300 dpi? How should I save my Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator image to upload to Slaite? What is the maximum file size I can use? What is dpi and resolution? What types of customization does Slaite offer? What is embroidery? How durable are DTG (direct-to-garment) shirts? What is the pricing for multiple design locations on a product? Is the cost of shipping included in the cost of the product? Do I have to reach a minimum amount of orders to be eligible for inventory services? Do I need to purchase inventory in advance? Does Slaite charge for storage? What are the safety protocols for Slaite’s inventory? Am I responsible for shipping my inventory to Slaite? Can my customer order more than one product to be shipped? Can I provide additional inventory to Slaite for shipping to my customers? Can I use another warehousing and fulfillment service? Where is Slaite’s warehousing and fulfillment center? What is drop-shipping? What are fulfillment services? Can I add promotional materials or other add-ins to my customer’s order? How long does it take to process an order? My order shows it is being returned to sender. What now? How can I check the status of an order? What happens if an order was not delivered to my customer, but the tracking information states it was delivered? Can I include a custom message for Slaite orders? My order has been sent, why can’t I see the tracking information? Does Slaite use branded packaging? What if the order is lost in the mail? My customer entered the wrong address. Now what? Why is my product out of stock? Can I buy Slaite items in bulk and stock them in my own warehouse or home? Is express shipping an option? What price is shown on the packaging slip? Are all items in one order shipped together? What are the COVID-19 protocols for Slaite fulfillment and shipments? Where does Slaite ship to? What are your shipping times? How long does fulfillment take? What are your contact methods and hours? How do I change or cancel my order? Do you provide sample sets? Will the ink rub off my custom t-shirts? How are Slaite products packaged for shipment? Can I track my orders? How do I know if Slaite has received my order? How do I calculate my total profit margin? What payment methods do you accept? How does pricing work? What file formats are accepted for uploading my design? What is DTG? I have specific colours in my design. Do you pantone match colours? How do I add products to my store? How do I care for my custom apparel items? How do I know my product will fit me? What are shipping prices and locations? What is Slaite’s return policy? Do you charge taxes and customs on international orders?